Stian Remvik Datagrafikk

Stian Remvik has a bachelor in design from Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, with specialization in visual communication. He also has 2 years of education in graphic design. The last couple of years he has worked with design and programming of apps, animation, interaction, videogames and other art projects, many associated with BEK - Bergen center for electronic arts. He is mainly using openFrameworks, Cocos2d-x, Cycling '74 Max and Unity.

2019 «Bergen Gå» iOS and Android app for Bergen Kommune. Design and programming.
2019 «Verktøykassen» workshop series held at BEK. Various computer based technical themes.
2019 «The White Train», by Bjørg Taranger. Video mapping on windows by Stian Remvik.
2018 «GumGun» mobile game, design and programming.
2018 «Siljustøl», design and programming of iOS and Android app for KODE Museum Harald Sæverud Siljustøl (not released).
2018 «Post Capitalistic Auction», by Jingyi Wang. Front-end user interface design and programming by Stian Remvik.
2017 «BITWaves2», design and programming of app for BIT20's outreach composition program.
2017 «Words Images Thoughts Objects», by Vilde Salhus Røed. iOS and Android app design and programming by Stian Remvik.
2017 «Harmonic Connection», interactive installation exibited at Prøverommet Landmark.
2016 «The Magic of Seven», by Gitte Sætre. Developing network solution for syncronised multiscreen video by Stian Remvik.
2016 Controlling light with sound signals with Sofie Jansson.
2015 Controlling light and video with sound signals with Kjersti Sundland.
2015 «BITWaves» design and programming of iOS app for use in BIT20's outreach composition program.
2014 «Neighbours», animation/installation exibited at Pikselfestivalen 2014 in Bergen.
2013 «Bergen Reads», technical development and design of installation with the public library in Bergen.
2013 «Late into the night, and all the other nights», by Asbjørn Hollerud. Programming interactive animation by Stian Remvik.
2013 «Cubes», animation exibited as part of Play is Soulfood in Mexico.
2011 «Hush!», interactive animation exibited at Borggården USF Verftet in Bergen.
2008 «The Mask», identity movie (vignette) for NRK3.
2005-2007 Graphic designer Artic Reklamebyrå (advertising agency).
2005-2006 Graphic designer Hulen Bergen (rock club).
2007-2010 Bachelor in Visual Communication, Bergen National Academy of the Arts.
2003-2005 2 year course in graphic design, MI (NKF), Bergen.

Contact: stian remvik at gmail com / CV